The A To Z Of Fire Doors

Fire safety in your building is critical. Usually, most building codes require proper fire safety measures for every building, including fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, fire sprinklers, emergency exits, etc. In addition, you will need to submit an annual fire safety statement to your local council. Accredited fire safety institutions prepare the statement, and the process entails inspecting your building annually to ensure all the essential fire safety requirements are met.

Fire doors are among the critical fire safety measures you need in your building. Unlike standard doors, fire doors are designed to contain the flames, smoke, and heat when a fire breaks out, allowing the building occupants to exit the building safely, protecting the building and its contents and making it easier for firefighters to combat the fire. This piece explains fire doors in detail.

How They Work

Fire doors are made from various materials. Steel, glass and even wood are the top fire door materials you will find in the markets. These materials can withstand fire for a specified period. For this reason, fire doors usually have different fire ratings. The ratings determine the maximum time the door can prevent the spread of a fire. Therefore, it's important to be keen on the fire door's rating when choosing one.

Generally, fire doors contain intumescent strips on the door frames and edges. These strips expand when a fire breaks out, filling any gaps on the sides and top of the door to prevent the passage of smoke and flames.

Opening And Closing Fire Doors

A fire door will only stop the spread of a fire if it stays closed. Therefore, your fire door should be fitted with self-closing devices that ensure it remains shut even after being used to access other areas in your building. Labelling your fire doors also goes a long way in helping people identify them and use them accordingly.

If you are concerned about your fire doors causing accessibility and ventilation issues in your building, avoid wedging them open. First, doing this is usually illegal in many areas. In addition, it can defeat the purpose of having the fire door in place when a fire breaks out. Instead, you can use fire door holders or retainers to hold the door open for your normal daily operations. These retainers are triggered by sound, so they will release the door to close when your fire alarm goes off when a fire breaks out. Therefore, it's imperative to invest in fire alarm systems, too.


Maintenance is essential for your fire door's optimal functioning. Therefore, don't wait for the annual fire safety assessment to check your fire doors. Inspect the door more frequently, paying close attention to any signs of wear, the hinges, floor springs, latches, locks, intumescent strips, gaps around the door, the self-closing mechanism, the fire door signage, etc.

For more information on an annual fire safety statement, contact a professional near you.

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