A Guide to Security Doors

Sliding security doors are great investments for your home, simply because they can deter thieves from attempting to break-in, ultimately helping you and your family feel safer. Before going through with the purchase, you may be undecided about some aspects regarding security doors. Here is some information regarding whether or not security doors are a necessity, as well as what type of door is more secure.

How secure are security doors?

Security doors are inarguably more secure than traditional doors, but it all comes down to personal preference whether you should get one or not. Even if you think that you're living in a decent neighbourhood where no break-ins occurred in the past few years, you never know when to expect someone to break in your house. As a result, it makes sense to get a security door to protect yourself if that day comes.

Not only are security doors extremely good at preventing thieves from breaking in through the traditional "crowbar" method, but they also make your house look more secured. As a result, thieves will be unlikely to even attempt to break in your house.

Aren't security doors much more expensive than regular doors?

Some high quality security doors do feature an expensive price. However, those doors are generally recommended for businesses and enterprises where security is quintessential. For personal use, you can get much cheaper alternatives that will prevent the common thief from attempting a break in. You can easily find an affordable steel security door at a decent price if you go for the base model without any extras. The cost goes up exponentially if you opt to have extra features added to your security door, such as video recognition cameras or biometric locks.

What's the difference between wood and steel security doors?

Your first thought may be that wooden doors are less secure than doors made out of steel, but that's rarely the case. Both wood and steel are great materials when it comes to high quality security doors for your home. Wooden doors are generally built from strong and thick pieces of wood and feature dozens of locking points, which help deter thieves away.

Most people make decisions based on their budget and how well the security door looks, but there are other things that you should consider as well. For example, when you compare the price of steel security doors to the safety that they offer, the price won't seem nearly as much as it did. Wooden doors are also generally more expensive because they have to be created out of solid wooden pieces instead of composite materials that could easily break.

For more information, you may want to contact a local company that offers security windows and doors. 

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