Four Reasons To Consider Getting Blinds Over Your Doors

Chances are you've got blinds, curtains, screens and/or shutters over every window in your home—but what about your doors? It's easy to forget about them, but there are actually several benefits to having a blind installed over your exterior doors--even if they don't have glass panels!

#1: Helping your home stay cooler in the summer...

When you're trying to keep your home cool, the single most important factor is how well the building reflects heat rather than absorbing it. Glass and metal, both common components of exterior doors, are both major heat absorbers—meaning that on a hot day a lot of the heat that enters your home is coming in through the doorways, even when the doors themselves are tightly shut. By installing a fitted, heat-reflective blind to your door frame, you'll send as much of that heat as possible straight back out again—which can in turn help cut down on your AC bills.

#2: ...and warmer in the winter

Similarly, doors are a major source of draughts and cracks. A well-fitted blind will go a long way toward keeping the chilly air out before it brings down the temperature in your home, meaning that if you pick the right blind you'll save on your energy bills all year round.

#3: Keeping your indoor spaces free of bugs

A blind isn't a screen, and truly determined critters may find a way through. Still, though, blinds are much more effective at keeping insects at bay than simply leaving a wide open door would be--while still allowing you to get a nice breeze through your home on stuffy days.

#4: Another way to decorate and personalise your home

Custom-fitted door blinds come in a huge variety of colours and styles, meaning you're bound to find something that fits well with your interior design concept. If you already have curtains in that room, it may be possible to have blinds made to match—if you have the spare fabric, customs are available from some retailers.

Many exterior doors are standard sizes, meaning that you might be able to measure yours up and get a standard pre-made blind to fit them perfectly. If that's not the case, however, don't worry: custom-made door blinds are easily accessible, and won't push the price up by as much as you might expect. Many window blind retailers will also have your doors covered, so check out a local store today and start considering different options for your blinds.

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