Tips for Increasing the Safety and Security of Your Home's Garage

As a homeowner, you should be concerned about the safety and security of your home's garage and especially if it's an attached garage. A thief can easily break in through unsecured garage doors in Melbourne and steal your car, lawn care equipment, sporting goods, and other valuables; in an attached garage, they can then also easily break into your home. Homeowners often overlook the security of their garage when adding security features to other areas of the home, so note a few tips for increasing safety in this area.

1. Install remote apps on your phone

Remote apps that you use on your phone or tablet can allow you to ensure that your garage door is closed when you're away. If you tend to rush out of the house in the morning or neglect to close the door when you go out for the evening, a remote app that is connected to your garage door opener will allow you to close the door even when you're on the road, keeping the space secure.

2. Use security cameras

Security cameras are commonly installed on a homeowner's property today but they may not be aimed at the garage; many homeowners aim them at entryways and this is a good choice, but it's also good to invest in one more camera or one that sweeps and turns enough to bring the garage door into focus. The sight of a video camera can often be enough to scare away intruders and if they see that the camera covers the garage entrance, they may not attempt to break in this way.

3. Reprogram your remote

Your remote garage door opener uses a code that interacts with the main unit inside the garage; it's easy enough for a potential thief to copy this code when you use your remote. Change the code often and consider investing in a remote that automatically and randomly changes the code on its own so it can't be used by someone else.

4. Add an invisible fence

An invisible fence is often used in pool areas, to sound an alarm if someone were to get close to the pool without your permission. These are sensors that are buried in the ground and which then sound an alarm if someone crosses their border. You can put an invisible fence around your garage's perimeter so that it will alert if someone is getting close to the garage. This will scare off intruders before they even attempt to break into the garage itself.

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