Added Protection for the Contents of Your Garage: Easy Weatherproofing Tips

Your garage is more than merely a place to store your cars. You probably store a lot of other stuff in there too, and you need to make sure that your possessions are safe. It's not so easy for someone to break into your garage and actually steal your things, but it's certainly possible for the weather to make its presence felt inside there. Weatherproofing your garage is not so difficult, and it gives your garage an added level of protection, thus ensuring that the contents are less likely to be damaged by any adverse weather. 

Insulation for the Door

While your garage door is strong and durable, it's also a thin piece of metal that is the only thing protecting your garage against the elements. It helps to regulate the temperature inside your garage, reducing the chance of any temperature extremes or inside condensation. You can order garage door insulation and install it yourself, but you need to be careful.

It can be attached with an industrial strength superglue, but you need to obtain an appropriate type of insulation. It can be immovable foam tiles for a tilting door or flexible rubber tiles for a roller door. Installing the wrong type of foam can mean that your door will not be able to be opened. You also need to have the exact specifications for your door. If you don't want to do all this yourself, simply contact a garage door repairs company and they will be able to quickly and easily install insulation for you.

The Weather Strip

Open your garage door and inspect the quality of the rubber weather strip that runs along the length of its base. The rubber can begin to degrade over time, especially since it's rammed into the ground each time you close the door. Look to see if the rubber has begun to crack. This means it is no longer effective and can easily allow rain inside your garage.

You can obtain a new rubber weather strip from most hardware shops, and you just need to measure the base of your garage door, although you can cut a weather strip to size if needed. It's affixed to a rigid strip which attaches to the base of your garage door with screws or bolts. It's easy enough to remove the old rubber weather strip and screw or bolt the new one into place.

Gaps Around the Door

Inspect the area around your garage door frame. Are there any small gaps that might be letting water inside? While such gaps are not particularly common, they can still form with the regular motion of an automatic garage door. These can be filled with an appropriate sealant which can be found at any hardware shop. Apply sparingly with a caulking gun and allow to dry. You then need to inspect the exterior of the garage. If any of the sealant is visible, you can simply cover this with weatherproof paint that matches the front of your garage.

As you see, weatherproofing your garage is not so difficult and is a great way to ensure that its contents are protected.

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