Various Options Available for Security Screen Doors

Your front door acts as the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your home from potential break-ins. But it is also among the first components of your home that your guests and visitors will see. Therefore, it is important that you install a security screen door that is not just secure, but aesthetic as well. 

Many varieties are available so you can find a style that can create the look you like while still keeping your home safe and secure. Among these choices are different materials and finish types, as further discussed below.

Stainless Steel or Aluminium?

Security screen doors are primarily made from two materials: stainless steel or aluminium. First up is stainless steel. As compared to other grades of steel, stainless steel generally offers superior corrosion resistance. Given that corrosion can hamper the aesthetics of exterior metal doors, which may bear the brunt of wet conditions outside, stainless steel would be a great option.

If you are not going for stainless steel, then aluminium is the other metal alternative. Aluminium offers great design flexibility because of its malleability and lightweight nature. Hence, door manufacturers can create a greater variety of styles working with aluminium. They can even customise your door so it can stand out from the rest in your neighbourhood.

Paint or Powder Coating?

There are two basic types of finishes that can be applied to your security screen door: paint or powder coating. Painting is the less inexpensive of the two types of finishes because the process is quite simple. Once the substrate metal has been pre-treated for corrosion, the surface of the door is sanded and cleaned with cleaners that won't harm the treatment. Once the door has dried, coats of paint are applied to it using a paintbrush or roller. Painted finishes allow for limitless aesthetic potential because there are so many paint colours to choose from. A major disadvantage of paint is that it tends to peel off easily, especially when exposed to persistent rain or left to bake in the full heat of the sun.

Unlike paint, which is applied in liquid form, powder coating is applied as dry powder and it does not require a thinner. The powder is applied via the electrostatic process and then baked at high temperatures to provide protection that is much superior as compared to that offered by paint. Like paint, powder coating may come in many different colours so you can choose a colour you like.

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