Are you looking for a new shower screen?

You might think that replacing a shower screen is a simple matter. The physical work involved in replacing the screen is not great, but choosing which screen to buy isn't as easy as you might think. If your shower screen has broken, or if you have decided to renovate the bathroom and replace the screen, you must decide on a suitable replacement, and that decision will depend on a range of factors that you may not have considered.

Why do the shower screens matter?

When you decide to take a shower, you are primarily interested in ensuring there is sufficient hot water to clean your body. The shower screen plays a vital role in keeping the shower water inside the shower and out of the rest of the bathroom. However, while shower screens prevent you from wasting time mopping excess water off the floor, they are present in the bathroom all the time. When you are using the bathroom for other purposes, the wrong type of shower screen can be a problem.

Does it make the room too dark?

Bathrooms can often be quite dark rooms with small windows. While you don't want people watching you getting dressed and preparing for your day, a lack of natural light can be an inconvenience. Large framed shower screens can block lots of light from a room, making it darker and less inviting. If your bathroom is small or dark, it is best to look at frameless shower screens that permit the passage of light so your bathroom remains bright and welcoming.

Does it open the wrong way?

When fitting a shower screen, you might be focused on the appearance of the screen and whether it matches the bathroom decor. However, you can't ignore practical issues such as space. Not many bathrooms are large. If you choose a shower screen that opens outwards, you could be consuming valuable space that could be used for other purposes. The space used for opening the shower must be kept clear at all times and can't be used for chairs, storage, or anything else. If you opt for a sliding or folding shower screen, you can avoid wasting space and still get a great-looking shower screen.

Does it have sufficient strength?

If you have young children, you will understand that they aren't always gentle. Shower screens can break, and if you have a frameless shower screen, there is always the danger that an over-enthusiastic child could damage it. With young families, it is often best to fit a shower screen with a strong frame that can survive the rigours of family life.

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